Hey, It’s Only Been A Week…

So I finally got pictures done and posted to Ravelry of my SOS socks. I’ve finished 15 pairs, and am working on #16. I’m not sure what the stats are, though I do have some inside info that someone (who shall remain nameless) has more socks done that she hasn’t posted yet.  So I know I just can’t win this thing. Second place would be nice. Yeah, a silver medal works for me.

Not to mention that I love having all those socks!! I had planned to share the wealth and give away most of what I made, but I’ve only given two pairs to Missy because she happened to see them and yowled for them. I never “got” the whole sock-making thing before, but now it’s one of those little weirdo things that make me happy every morning when I open the sock drawer and see the awesome selection waiting for me. The rest of the day may be a total disaster, but at least I’m wearing cool socks!

Here, as promised, is the Clapotis before washing and blocking:


Here are the post-blocking pics:


It really softened up quite a bit after washing, but I think I spread it out too much while it was drying. It seems to have lost some of its “crinkle” so I may dampen it again and let it dry kind of bunched up lengthwise. Or I may just wear it and let gravity and humidity do its thing. The Noro Sock yarn worked out terrifically, and I do love it. I think I want one in every color they make!

Meanwhile, this jumped on my needles and demanded to be started:

This is the Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn C. Clark. You can download the free pattern here. The yarn is a really gorgeous cashmere/silk blend from Fila de Crostura–I think it’s called “Suprima” but I’ll have to check the ball band. I can never remember this stuff. So far it’s an easy pattern, but I really must put it aside and make one last surge in the sock contest.

So that’s the project update for today. I updated my Ravelry notebook with the latest socks (I’m Spingirl1961 there) so if you want to see them in all their gorgeousness, check it out!

I got a kick out of this blog post. I SO feel her pain!! But at least I got my Dream in Color Smooshy the other day (in a gorgeous lavender/blue colorway) so I’ll live at least another day without Wollmeise!


One Response to “Hey, It’s Only Been A Week…”

  1. Daniele Says:

    The Clapotis came out great! I also like the Swallowtail. I think I have that one printed out somewhere already.

    I started putting all of my completed socks in another room to bring out later. My sock drawer is overflowing as well!!

    Go us!

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